Nothing puts the finishing touches on a holiday outfit quite like tanzanite.

Pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones certainly have their place, but when it comes to the holidays, the captivating, color-changing drama of tanzanite will be sure to make you (or at least your jewelry) the center of attention.

What is Tanzanite?

As the name suggests, true tanzanite originates in Tanzania, an East African country known for the Serengeti National Park and Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite is found in the country’s northern hills, in a region called Merelani, and nowhere else in the world. 

This gem is famed as much for its rarity as it is for its deep, saturated blue-to-violet hues. It’s known as “pleochroic,” meaning it appears to be three different colors when viewed from different angles. Experienced gem cutters can craft the gem into a number of different cuts that showcase a range of dynamic shades. 

Tanzanite also happens to be the birthstone for December, making it even more fitting for this time of year.

If you’re as intrigued as we are by this gemstone, you’ll love these designs highlighting tanzanite’s incomparable beauty.

Deco Bi-Color Tanzanite Yellow Gold and Platinum Ring

Sapphires and diamonds are the perfect accent for the 5.13ct bi-color tanzanite in this ring from our Deco Collection. The gems are set in 18k yellow gold and platinum.

Interlace Bi-Color Tanzanite and Platinum Fashion Ring

The 2.81ct tanzanite in this ring shifts from cool green to deep blue, icy tones that are complemented by a platinum setting. Blue and green sapphires amp up the ring’s color play.

Interlace Bi-Color Tanzanite Platinum Ring

The tanzanite at the center of this platinum ring radiates with soft mint and violet hues. The 5.14ct stone is set in a triple-stacked platinum band that is accented with both diamonds and color change garnets.

Empress Bi-Color Tanzanite Bracelet

Platinum and 14k white gold provide a shining contrast to the stunning bi-color tanzanite in this one-of-a-kind bracelet. The 9.11ct gem dazzles framed in diamonds, with a strategic scatter of more diamonds set amidst blue and green sapphires.

Orbit Blue Zircon Fashion Ring

This ring features spectacular blue gems of another variety that make it a perfect accessory for the holidays and beyond: Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline and round brilliant cut diamonds swirl around a 16.88 blue zircon.

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