Jewelry Design Awards

Coffin & Trout has been recognized with numerous international, national and local jewelry design awards over the years. Our most recent accolades include a commendation in the CPAA International Pearl Design Competition and a prestigious AGTA Spectrum Award in the Evening Wear category.

We have been named Best Engagement Ring Store, Best Local Jeweler and Best Local Watch Selection by Arizona Foothills Magazine’s “Best of the Valley” competition which includes thousands of businesses in the Phoenix area. Randy Coffin was also awarded Best Local Jewelry Designer Male in the competition. Ranking Arizona, the largest opinion poll of businesses in the state, has consistently ranked us in the top five as “Best Jeweler in Arizona”.

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) presents the Spectrum Award to artists for their innovative use of natural gemstones and cultured pearls in finished fine jewelry design. The AGTA Platinum Guild International Platinum Honor Award recognizes those who design in this rare metal. David Trout won seven Spectrum Awards and two Platinum Honor Awards. Randy Coffin recently won his first AGTA Spectrum Award in 2016, marking the 10th such award for the company.

In 2011, Randy Coffin was awarded with 1st place in Engagement 101’s first annual Bridal Jewelry Design Awards. This competition featured hundreds of jewelers from around the globe and thousands visited online to vote. Mr. Coffin won in the “Best Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring” category.

Additionally, the Arizona Jewelers Association, an affiliate of Jewelers of America, recognized David for his cutting edge designs. He was also invited to participate in the Gemological Institute of America’s prestigious “Best of the Best” exhibit, which is a museum show featuring only a few selected designers. Just like each piece of jewelry, great attention was given to the design of our store as well. Coffin & Trout was awarded 1st Place in Retail by the International Interior Design Association for our contribution in elevating the practice of interior design.

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One of the most meaningful recognitions has come from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. At their request, Coffin & Trout has donated one of David’s Spectrum Award winners, the “Pagoda” ring. We are proud to know that this is one small way that we can keep his spirit alive.


One of the most important factors in choosing a diamond is having the ability to look at it in person. A diamond can be “paper pretty,” meaning that it has good technical specifications, but in actuality, is not attractive. Just because a diamond has good numbers does not mean that it has ideal brilliance and fire. We have personal, long-standing relationships with all of our gemstone dealers and our inventory has been carefully selected for its radiance and beauty. We do not sell fracture filled, laser drilled or clarity enhanced diamonds and often look through ten or twenty diamonds of the same grade to select the best one. We also offer more than 185 years of combined experience among our sales staff alone, with an average of 26 years individually. Why not utilize all our knowledge to give your design the care and attention to detail that it deserves?

All our white gold pieces, 14K and 18K, are cast with a specific alloy that is naturally brighter and whiter. It has a Grade 1 Color Rating based on the Yellowness Index from the White Gold Task Force. This rating means that it maintains its premium color without the need for rhodium plating. Our white gold also meets European specifications for gold fineness and meets/exceeds EN1811 nickel release requirements. It is harder and wears better than palladium white gold, which is a highly used industry standard.

We have a great selection of finished jewelry in our cases for you to choose from. If we are making a custom design for you, there are numerous steps involved. Depending on the complexity of the design, it can take between 3–6 weeks once the design or waxes have been approved. We will do everything we can to accommodate your special time requirements while preserving the quality of your jewelry.

Not just flat on the outside, our rings are different inside and out. Our copyrighted paragon design has been perfected over the years resulting in lasting comfort and a more natural fit. Traditional round rings tend to turn on your finger so all you see is the side or the bottom. There is a defined top and bottom to our rings and our unique design helps keep the focus on the most important part, the main gemstones. Our shape also allows you to twist your ring on and off over bigger knuckles, which gives you a better fit.

Our paragon shape is a signature of our designs. Due to this unique feature, it is imperative that you bring your ring back to our store for sizing or other repairs. We take the time and effort to insure that the integrity and quality of your jewelry will be maintained. We also have the expertise and equipment necessary to make repairs such as re tipping without causing damage to heat sensitive gemstones.

All Coffin & Trout designs include a retail replacement appraisal for insurance purposes at no extra cost. Appraisals are completed by our highly trained staff, including an AGS Certified Gemologist Appraiser and a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Each piece is carefully inspected and graded to insure you are given accurate information. Our appraisals have even caught the attention of a national insurance company that requested our help in creating an appraisal platform for other jewelers to follow.
We are happy to offer competitive appraisal services for the other jewelry you may own, estate valuation and appraisal updates for your Coffin & Trout jewelry. Your pieces will also be inspected, cleaned and polished while they are in our store.

Of course we stand behind the quality and integrity of all our products. There is, however, a fee to repair any damage caused by misuse or regular wear and tear. We strongly recommend that you insure your jewelry so you are covered in the event of an accident. For the safety and longevity of your jewelry, it is also important to have it inspected at least twice a year.

Rolex returns are at our discretion and will only be considered if the watch is returned in “new” condition. If you are purchasing a watch as a gift, please make us aware of that fact during the buying process so we can instruct you as to what procedures must be followed. The warranty card must not be filled out, the protective stickers must not be removed and the watch must not have been worn to be considered for a return.

We love color! Our passion for unique and rare colored gems has been clear from the beginning. It is so rewarding to build a piece of jewelry that complements and truly showcases a gem’s beauty. We work with award winning gem cutters to provide you with a vast quantity of natural, interesting and intriguing gemstones. You can be confident that we hold our colored gemstone selection to the same high quality standards we use for our diamonds.

Innovative, timeless design and superb in-house manufacturing. From sketch to CAD/CAM drawing to the finishing touches, in-house manufacturing means we have the opportunity to customize and give special attention to every aspect of your design. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with the intention that it will be passed down through generations. We don’t cut corners to cut costs. Our focus is on how securely each gemstone is set, not how quickly. All the gemstones we use are individually selected for their fine quality and specifically matched within each design. Even our accent diamonds are D-F color and VS or better clarity. Not all custom jewelry is the same. We put so much into each creation and are accountable for the quality of each piece because our name is on everything we make.

Yes! Again, your decision to work with Coffin & Trout gives you the ability to develop a design from concept to finish that is truly yours. Since all our jewelry is created and made in-house, we can build a gorgeous design that matches you instead of making you choose from a few prefabricated pieces. We have many very popular styles and also offer unique, one-of-a-kind and limited editions.

We have a conversion from round ring sizes that allows us to know what size you are. The shape does feel a little different; more natural and more comfortable. It is always a safe bet to come in to our store to be measured. If you live too far away to stop in, please contact us at 480-763-1300 and we can discuss options with you on sizing.

In the event that you cannot come in to see us, please contact our Office Administrator at She will email you a FedEx return label and packing instructions. Packages are sent 2 Day unless a faster method is arranged.

The American Gem Society only awards membership to a small percentage of their applicants. They must exhibit a high level of gemological knowledge and have at least one full time employee that holds the title of Registered Jeweler, Certified Gemologist or Certified Gemologist Appraiser. CGA is the most highly regarded in the industry, requiring more advanced training, experience and periodic color vision screenings and recertification. The firm must also have a reputation for unquestioned integrity in the business community and demonstrate high business ethics.
There are strict requirements an Accredited Gem Lab must meet and adhere to. We are fully equipped with all the instrumentation necessary to provide you with accurate and complete gemstone information.

We allow a full refund, exchange or credit for any jewelry that was purchased from our normal stock and not custom made for you. It must be returned within 15 days in new condition with the original box and receipt.
Returns are not accepted on special order items, layaways, custom made designs and jewelry that has been sized; jewelry and watches that have been engraved, altered, damaged or that show excessive wear.

Your jewelry is an investment. You should bring it in for a free, professional cleaning and gemstone check at least once every 6 months. During this inspection, a jeweler will check for any damage and make sure all the gemstones are tight. It will then be polished and cleaned. In the meantime, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your jewelry looking great.
Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on when you are getting ready and the first thing you take off at night.
Remove your rings when you put on lotion. Just don’t forget to put them back on! When taking your rings on and off, don’t touch the top of the gemstones. Hold your ring by the metal sides instead and you will keep your gemstones looking brilliant.
Ultrasonic cleaners can be purchased and are very effective when used properly. If there are any loose gemstones, however, the vibration can make them fall out. Also, soft colored gemstones including emeralds, opals and pearls SHOULD NOT be cleaned this way as it can damage them. Think red, white and blue. Rubies, diamonds and sapphires are safe.
When cleaning by hand, you can place a towel in the sink to protect your jewelry from scratches or falling down the drain. Use a good quality jewelry cleaner and a soft toothbrush to get into those hard to reach places behind and between gemstones. Do not use an ammonia-based solution on anything porous such as opals, turquoise or coral. Toothpaste is not good for cleaning jewelry because it can scratch your gemstones and precious metals.
Pearls should be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth as soon as you take them off since the slight acid in your perspiration, perfumes and lotions will affect pearls over time. Dirty pearls can be cleaned by rubbing them with a soft cloth dipped in a very diluted soap and water solution, but do not soak them. Lay your pearl strand flat on a towel to air dry after washing. Wearing them or hanging them when wet can stretch the silk. DO NOT use a toothbrush, ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia, or other abrasive cleaners, as this will damage the surface. You should store your pearls in a soft, open bag separate from other jewelry.
Again, it is so important to let a professional inspect your jewelry on a regular basis to keep it looking like new and lasting a lifetime.