Extra-Special Graduation Jewelry Gifts Your Grad Will Love

Graduation season is in full swing, with friends and family traveling all over the country to see their loved ones accept their diplomas. There’s no doubt that you want to celebrate this momentous occasion with a gift that’s as special as the graduate in your life—and as long-lasting as the experiences and knowledge they’ve gained throughout their time at school.  With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of timeless pieces that truly say “I’m proud of you.” [...]

Men’s Meteorite Rings: You’ll Love These Extraterrestrial Designs

Know a man who’s out-of-this-world amazing? Make sure he has a unique ring designed with materials you won’t see on anyone else. We’re talking about meteorite. Learn more and see some of our favorite pieces. What is meteorite? When featured in jewelry, meteorite combines the allure of an exotic gemstone with the striking sophistication of a rare precious metal. But its backstory makes meteorite more intriguing than just any alternative metal.  Bits of debris (some [...]

Platinum Rings for Men

Platinum is a popular precious metal for men’s jewelry, thanks to its striking finish, strength and durability. It also provides the most secure setting for diamonds and other gemstones, so whether you prefer the simplicity of a classic band, or something with a bit more dazzle, platinum is an excellent choice.  Paragon Meteorite and Princess Cut Diamond Ring The pairing of rare, white-toned platinum with another rarity, meteorite, make [...]

Platinum Rings for Women

What’s more durable than gold, and makes every gemstone seem to shine that much brighter? Platinum! This rare precious metal is a must on every woman’s ring finger. Everlasting platinum is a popular choice for emblems of enduring love, such as an engagement ring, wedding band, or any extra special jewelry gift. Platinum’s natural luster is easy to maintain, and makes a compelling complement to the sparkle and brilliance of any diamond or colorful gemstone.  [...]

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts That Say “Be Mine”

Nothing says, “Be my Valentine” quite like the perfect piece of jewelry.  Whether it’s a piece they’ll want to save for special occasions, or something to wear daily as a reminder of your love, you’ll find that just-right jewelry gift here.  Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts for Women Diamonds With a Twist Evolve Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring This sweetheart of a ring has [...]

Two-Tone Jewelry: Mixed Metal Must-Haves for Men & Women

Whoever says you must limit your jewelry to just one metal or tone simply doesn’t understand how luxe it is to join multiple precious metals and gems in a single piece. Combining warm and cool tones in your jewelry is a gorgeous way to create a completely personalized look with a designer effect. Here are a few of our favorite rings that are handcrafted to do just that. FOR WOMEN [...]

How to Clean a Diamond Ring Properly

You love your diamond because of the way it sparkles and shines. But over time, your diamond can look dull. Here’s how to bring back its radiant beauty.  Soap, hand lotions, hand sanitizer, hairspray, household cleaning products: All of these everyday items and more can dull your diamond’s shine. What can a diamond-lover do?  The best way to maintain your most precious pieces is to bring them to a trusted jeweler at least twice a year to have them [...]

What to Wear: Festive Tanzanite Jewelry for the Holidays

Nothing puts the finishing touches on a holiday outfit quite like tanzanite. Pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones certainly have their place, but when it comes to the holidays, the captivating, color-changing drama of tanzanite will be sure to make you (or at least your jewelry) the center of attention. What is Tanzanite? As the name suggests, true tanzanite originates in Tanzania, an East African country known for the Serengeti National [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Men’s Jewelry

Does your gent have jewelry on his wish list? Here are our favorite one-of-a-kind pieces to give this holiday season. Jewelry is often thought of as a go-to gift for women, but it can be the perfect thing for your favorite guy. From rings to watches and cufflinks, we have a lasting gift for every individual style, and we guarantee these selections will help him know just how much he means to you. [...]

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Celebrating with Jewelry

If you’re looking forward to a milestone anniversary, here are some anniversary gift ideas that will be treasured for many years to come. 5th & 45th Anniversaries: Sapphires Sapphires are a magical gem, coming in every color except red, including violet, purple, pink, yellow, and orange. Some even change color from blue to purple, depending on the light. Crescendo Blue Sapphire and Diamond Pave Platinum Ring This ring was [...]

Black Pearl Necklaces and Other Moody Designs

Classic white pearls are just that: timeless, tailored and traditional. While white pearls certainly have their place in your jewelry repertoire, there are other pearl tones out there just as deserving and every bit as alluring.  Enter: Black pearls, mysterious gems that have captivated collectors and jewelry wearers for centuries. But what exactly are black pearls? And are they actually real pearls? In actuality, black pearls are real — but they’re not truly black. The name is a bit [...]

Heirloom Jewelry: Lasting Pieces to Pass Down

Jewelry that reaches heirloom status is prized for so much more than its sparkle. It keeps family history alive, and helps later generations feel the love and lives of those who came before.  When purchasing jewelry with heirloom quality in mind, look for the following:  Distinct and timeless style: Unique designs stand the test of time far more than trendy ones.  Handcrafted pieces: A necklace, ring or other piece of jewelry that has been created by a skillful, talented [...]