Fine Jewelry Repair Tips

For all its sparkle and shine, wearing fine jewelry brings less-than-fine moments: clasps on bracelets or necklaces can break; prongs holding gemstones in place might become bent, or gemstones and diamonds might even fall out.  When it comes to your fine jewelry, it’s important to take proper steps to keep it in the best possible condition. When it does break, or if you would like to make a design or size change, it’s important to have a jeweler you [...]

Custom Ring Design

We believe that jewelry should be as individual as the wearer. That’s why we specialize in award-winning, custom designs you won’t find anywhere else.  This month, we’re sharing some of our favorite rings decked with custom features and proprietary design elements. From gemstone colors to our signature paragon design that won’t spin around your finger, each one of these rings is meant to be every bit as special as the person who’s wearing it. Orbit [...]

Custom Cufflinks Make the Man

Cufflinks have been the stylish man’s accessory staple for centuries. As rumor has it, they gained particular popularity when Baron Danglars in Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo wore highly coveted diamonds on his shirt cuffs.   These days, nothing says “bespoke” and adds an extra element of distinction like the right pair of cufflinks peeking out of a perfectly tailored suit or tux. Whether you are (or your man is) dressing for a special occasion — a wedding [...]

Our Guide to Diamond Ring Shapes

Part of the allure of diamonds is that they come in such a variety of shapes, cuts and sizes. But that’s also what makes it so hard to choose that perfect one—especially when selecting a diamond engagement ring. After all, it’s a style choice that should stick with you forever.  When trying to determine which diamond shape is right for you (or for the lucky wearer), it helps to start with an understanding of the different ones. The shape [...]

Reach Instant Icon Status with Our Pearl Earring Picks

Diamonds may get best friend status, but pearl earrings are the sophisticated sidekick that bring a touch of class and timelessness to any occasion.  But if you think you know pearls, think again. The pearl earrings in our collection come in unexpected bright and bold colors and textures, and are attractively accented with diamonds and other designer details.  Take a look at our perfect pearl picks. Custom Tahitian Cultured Pearl Earrings You’ve never [...]

Stunning Bridal Sets for Your Bride-to-Be

Seeking distinctive bridal jewelry? Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring that is vintage-inspired, or you’re interested in a more modern take on tradition, let Coffin & Trout be your trusted source for bridal sets and more. At Coffin & Trout, we believe in the pursuit of the perfect diamond, and hand-select only the best diamonds for their radiance and brilliance. Our long-standing, personal relationships with our diamond dealers, and the fact that we do not sell fracture-filled, laser-drilled [...]

Our Top Picks: Diamond Necklaces For Spring

You know you’ve chosen the perfect necklace for her when she gets asked, “Where did you get that necklace?” Here at Coffin & Trout, our clients frequently tell us that they get asked about their diamond necklaces when they wear them to weddings, cocktail parties, and other occasions. Diamond necklaces are a staple in every woman’s jewelry collection, or high on their wish lists. That’s because diamonds are all at once classic and stylish, and their quality and sparkle [...]

Celebrate Spring with Fashion-Forward Rings

Are you ready to celebrate spring with some gorgeous new bling? We’ve selected six rings in bright tones and unparalleled designs that feel fresh for the sunny days ahead. Whether your style leans more delicate or you prefer something bold, Coffin & Trout is sure to have your new favorite piece—perfect for pairing with the right-now ruffles, florals and other details we’re seeing this season. Affinity Five Row Multicolored Diamond and Gold Ring [...]

It’s Almost Wedding Season: A Look at Timeless Bridal Sets

Weddings are in the air as we approach spring. To get into the season, we’ve outlined our favorite bridal ring sets to show you a range of styles in every budget. These engagement rings and wedding bands are specially designed to flatter each other and complement the other’s unique design. We invite you to visit us in our world class showroom to see these sets in person and meet with one of our jewelry experts who can answer your [...]

Jewelry Buying Guide: Holidays 2018

There’s still about a week left to shop for Christmas! For women, jewelry serves as a classic and sentimental present. Unlike other gifts that will lose luster over time, fine jewelry won’t lose its value or sentiment as the years go by. The right jewelry gift has a way of making the recipient feel incredibly special. You simply can’t go wrong. Not sure where to start? The experts here at Coffin & Trout have gathered our favorites to serve [...]

The Engagement Ring: Who Says It Has to Be Diamond?

When it comes to engagement rings, there are the traditionalists—those who opt for a classic diamond ring. And then there’s the rule breakers—those who choose other gemstones that catch their eye or ones  that are personally meaningful to them. Here at Coffin & Trout, we like to take the diplomatic approach: we mean it when we say that you can’t go wrong with either choice. However, if you’re considering the way of the alternative gemstone, breathe easy. Our expert designers [...]

Rose (Gold Jewelry) All Day

In the hot summer months, many people sip rose wine. Here at Coffin & Trout, we turn our focus to rose gold jewelry, a favorite of ours for women’s fashion—but you’ll find some interesting finds for men, too. While its shimmery, warm tones are perfect for the hot days of summer, the truth is, rose gold jewelry lights up the day any time of year. Here, we’ve shared a few of our favorite pieces with you. Greek Key Design Band [...]