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Black Pearl Necklaces and Other Moody Designs

2021-10-21T14:42:19-07:00Blog, Jewelry|

Classic white pearls are just that: timeless, tailored and traditional. While white pearls certainly have their place in your jewelry repertoire, there are other pearl tones out there just as deserving and every bit as alluring.  Enter: Black pearls, mysterious gems that have captivated collectors and jewelry wearers for centuries. But [...]

Heirloom Jewelry: Lasting Pieces to Pass Down

2021-09-22T09:49:14-07:00Blog, Jewelry, Necklaces, Rings|

Jewelry that reaches heirloom status is prized for so much more than its sparkle. It keeps family history alive, and helps later generations feel the love and lives of those who came before.  When purchasing jewelry with heirloom quality in mind, look for the following:  Distinct and timeless style: Unique designs [...]

How to Clean Pearls — and Other Tips for Making Sure They Keep Their Shine

2021-08-03T09:35:27-07:00Blog, Jewelry|

Pearls are timeless, classic, and the only gemstone on Earth that comes from a living creature. Pearls are classified as natural or cultured based on how they are formed. Both types are “real” pearls, but one requires some human intervention to create.  Natural pearls are harvested from the wild and are [...]