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Extra-Special Graduation Jewelry Gifts Your Grad Will Love


Graduation season is in full swing, with friends and family traveling all over the country to see their loved ones accept their diplomas. There’s no doubt that you want to celebrate this momentous occasion with a gift that’s as special as the graduate in your life—and as long-lasting as the experiences [...]

Men’s Meteorite Rings: You’ll Love These Extraterrestrial Designs


Know a man who’s out-of-this-world amazing? Make sure he has a unique ring designed with materials you won’t see on anyone else. We’re talking about meteorite. Learn more and see some of our favorite pieces. What is meteorite? When featured in jewelry, meteorite combines the allure of [...]

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts That Say “Be Mine”

2022-01-26T18:39:17-07:00Blog, Jewelry, Rings|

Nothing says, “Be my Valentine” quite like the perfect piece of jewelry.  Whether it’s a piece they’ll want to save for special occasions, or something to wear daily as a reminder of your love, you’ll find that just-right jewelry gift here.  Valentine’s Day [...]

Two-Tone Jewelry: Mixed Metal Must-Haves for Men & Women

2022-01-26T18:35:41-07:00Blog, Jewelry, Rings|

Whoever says you must limit your jewelry to just one metal or tone simply doesn’t understand how luxe it is to join multiple precious metals and gems in a single piece. Combining warm and cool tones in your jewelry is a gorgeous way to create a completely [...]

What to Wear: Festive Tanzanite Jewelry for the Holidays

2021-12-02T11:08:13-07:00Blog, Jewelry|

Nothing puts the finishing touches on a holiday outfit quite like tanzanite. Pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones certainly have their place, but when it comes to the holidays, the captivating, color-changing drama of tanzanite will be sure to make you (or at least your jewelry) the center [...]

Anniversary Gifts by Year: Celebrating with Jewelry

2021-11-11T15:50:08-07:00Blog, Jewelry|

If you’re looking forward to a milestone anniversary, here are some anniversary gift ideas that will be treasured for many years to come. 5th & 45th Anniversaries: Sapphires Sapphires are a magical gem, coming in every color except red, including violet, purple, pink, yellow, and orange. Some [...]