Heirloom Jewelry Designs to Last Generations


Heirloom jewelry is loved for its timeless design, fine craftsmanship and, above all, the memories of loved ones that it helps keep alive. We often think of these pieces as generations-old treasures full of family history, but all heirloom jewelry has to begin somewhere. When searching for your next heirloom-worthy piece, [...]

Modern Men’s Jewelry: Pieces That Suit His Style


Traditionally, men’s jewelry has been, well, kind of dull. But today, “masculine” jewelry doesn’t mean muted design, especially when each piece is exquisitely created by a team of passionate jewelers.  Combining unique metals, unexpected shapes, and the highest-quality craftsmanship, our collection of men’s jewelry consists of intriguing masculine pieces [...]

Diamond Carat Weight vs Face-Up Size: What You Need to Know


If you’re looking to add a stunning diamond design to your jewelry repertoire, don’t be fooled by appearances. Larger carat diamonds may not appear the biggest, and the ones that do appear the biggest aren’t always the best quality. Here’s exactly what you need to know before you go shopping for [...]

Father’s Day Jewelry Gifts for the World’s Best Dad


Whether it’s saying just the right thing at the perfect time, always being in your corner to support your dreams or telling one of his famously terrible dad jokes, fathers hold a special place in our hearts. This Father’s Day, celebrate the special man or men in your life who continually [...]

Extra-Special Graduation Jewelry Gifts Your Grad Will Love


Graduation season is in full swing, with friends and family traveling all over the country to see their loved ones accept their diplomas. There’s no doubt that you want to celebrate this momentous occasion with a gift that’s as special as the graduate in your life—and as long-lasting as the experiences [...]

Men’s Meteorite Rings: You’ll Love These Extraterrestrial Designs


Know a man who’s out-of-this-world amazing? Make sure he has a unique ring designed with materials you won’t see on anyone else. We’re talking about meteorite. Learn more and see some of our favorite pieces. What is meteorite? When featured in jewelry, meteorite combines the allure of [...]