When you think of color in gemstones, you probably think of classics like sapphires or rubies. But natural colored diamonds are an increasingly popular way to bring some unexpected hues into your jewelry box.


Diamonds can come in a range of eye-catching hues, from yellow to brown, pink and blue. When viewed in the face-up position, they show off their natural color, with intensity classified from “very light” to “vivid.” 

White, or colorless diamonds, are composed entirely of carbon with a crystalline structure. But there are a number of so-called “defects” that can form during crystal growth that cause a diamond to be colored. Rather than becoming cast-offs, these colored diamonds command some of the highest praise and prices due to their scarcity. 

What to Look for in Colored Diamonds

When you’re selecting a colored diamond, clarity is not as important as it is with white diamonds, because inclusions are less discernible due to the color. Look for a diamond that is rich in color, with color consistency and depth throughout. Only one in 10,000 diamonds is colored, and those with the deepest, most vivid colors are considered more valuable. 

When it comes to cut, shape, and setting, a diamond’s color is key. While white diamonds are cut to bring out brilliance, colored diamonds are cut to showcase their color.

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Interlude Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

This ring, from our Interlude Collection, features a horizontally set 2.69ct fancy yellow diamond in a radiant cut, accented with a band of fancy yellow diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. The colored diamonds are exquisitely framed with white brilliant cut diamonds set in 18k white gold.

Interlace Yellow Diamond Two-Tone Ring

18k yellow gold accented with white diamonds props up a showstopping 4.01 fancy yellow diamond so that it glows for all the world to see. Its color is accentuated by a center band in contrasting platinum, also set with white diamonds.

Classique Oval Diamond 3-Stone Platinum Ring

Colored diamonds can also be used to highlight the qualities of other stones or design elements. In this platinum ring, the colored diamonds — two yellow ovals set in 18k gold — are used to enhance the brilliance of the centerpiece: a 2.01 oval diamond.

Interlace Pink and White Diamond Rose Gold and Platinum Ring

Pink diamonds or white? Why not both, in a ring designed to maximize color and shine? Two bands — one in 18k rose gold set with natural fancy pink diamonds, and one in platinum set with white diamonds — curve gracefully in an open lace-like pattern.

Deco Natural Fancy Color Diamond Men’s Ring

This ring from our Deco Collection makes a bold-but-refined statement with its methodical mix of colored diamonds and precious metals. A 1.18ct square radiant cut deep brown diamond is set on the bias in 18k rose gold, accented with deep brown diamonds along the rose gold band. It’s encased in “V”-shaped 18k yellow gold set with yellow diamonds and an angular band in brushed platinum.

Colored Diamond Necklaces

Orbit Fancy Colored and White Diamond Necklace

A slab of brushed 18k yellow gold is punctuated with fancy colored diamonds in shades of deep brown, bright orange, and yellow. 18k white gold set with white diamonds complements the pendant, hanging from a 18k yellow gold serpentine chain.

Affinity Multi-Colored Diamond and Gold Necklace

This elegant piece from our Affinity Collection features three colors of diamonds in an artful design. Arcing bands of 20k rose gold, 18k white gold and 18k yellow gold gently swoop over and around each other, set with natural fancy pink, white, and yellow diamonds.

Coffin & Trout Fine Jewellers is your expert in colored diamonds. Call our showroom or stop in today to learn more about these pieces and others in our collection. We can also create a completely custom design for you.