Birthstones have been traced all the way back to Old Testament times, but the modern custom of birthstones that correspond to a specific month originated in Poland somewhere between the 16th and 18th centuries. Today’s list of birthstones was defined in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers, and that list remains a cherished tradition. 

Often jewelry set with a recipient’s birthstone is presented as a Birthday, Mother’s Day or Push gift but birthstones are a great way to personalize a gift for any occasion. Here are our jewelry picks by month.


The gem: Garnet

What it symbolizes: Love and friendship

Nouveau Diamond and Garnet Pendant

Diamonds and mixed metals accentuate the centerpiece birthstone in this pendant. 20k rose gold, 14k white gold and diamonds radiate around the 1.59 umbalite garnet.


The gem: Amethyst

What it symbolizes: Purity of spirit and energy

Flora Four Peaks Amethyst Yellow Gold Ring

An 18k yellow gold band accented with round brilliant cut diamonds separates into five branches, holding up a 9.07ct amethyst from the Four Peaks Amethyst mine in Arizona.


The gem: Aquamarine

What it symbolizes: Serenity, tranquility and harmony

Classique Aquamarine and Diamond Platinum Ring

The emerald cut of the 8.38ct aquamarine shows off its stunning water-like clarity. The gem is flanked by two trapezoid diamonds and flowing blue sapphires, all set in platinum.


The gem: Diamond

What it symbolizes: Eternal and lasting love

Star-Shaped Diamond Pendant

Natural white diamonds form a diamond shape and encase a 1.00ct diamond at the center of this pendant, handcrafted in 14k white gold.


The gem: Emerald

What it symbolizes: Wit, eloquence and foresight

Interlace Emerald and Diamond Ring

Vivid emeralds and round brilliant cut diamonds weave over and around each other in this ring from our Interlace Collection, handcrafted in 18k yellow gold


The gem: Pearl

What it symbolizes: Perfection and incorruptibility

Interlace Tahitian Pearl and Diamond White Gold Pendant

A loop and twist of 14k white gold and .14ctw of round brilliant cut diamonds captures this intriguing and exotic take on the June birthstone tradition: a South Sea Tahitian pearl.


The gem: Ruby

What it symbolizes: Nobility, wealth and passion

Flora Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Round rubies hold center court in these earrings, propped up by 20k rose gold and framed by round brilliant diamonds in an asteroid shape.


The gem: Peridot

What it symbolizes: Health, harmony and peacefulness

Deco Peridot and Diamond Platinum Ring

This selection harmonizes mixed metals (18k yellow gold and platinum) with a lustrous 5.11ct peridot at the center. The birthstone is accented with trapezoid cut and round brilliant cut diamonds.


The gem: Sapphire

What it symbolizes: Wisdom, virtue and good fortune

Escapade Multi-Colored Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Why have one color of sapphire when you can have a suite of multiple colors? Five natural multicolored sapphires from deep indigo to bright yellow are framed by diamonds and palladium in this pendant.


The gem: Tourmaline

What it symbolizes: Compassion, coolheadedness, and healing

Interlace Pink to White Tourmaline Rose Gold Platinum Ring

A 4.49ct emerald cut bi-color tourmaline imparts a bit of magic as it shifts from fiery pink to frosty white. It’s set in a mixed-metal ring of 18k rose gold and platinum complemented with pink sapphires and diamonds.


The gem: Topaz

What it symbolizes: Love, passion and purpose

Evolve Imperial Topaz Platinum and Yellow Gold Ring

This fire-and-ice design suits a stone that symbolizes passion. A 5.96 imperial topaz in the gem’s rarest hue—golden orange—is set in 18k yellow gold and platinum, accented with pink sapphires and diamonds.


The gem: Tanzanite

What it symbolizes: Positivity and perception

Interlace Bi-Color Tanzanite Platinum Ring

This elegant and dramatic ring features a rectangular 5.14ct bi-color tanzanite in a curved, open-style platinum band. Floating diamonds and color-changing garnets complete the scene.

Looking for beautiful, unique birthstone jewelry for a gift or for yourself? Let us help you find or create the perfect piece. Call or stop in today.