Love what’s on your wrist

Give the gift – or treat yourself – to the jewelry that will never go out of style. Coffin & Trout offers a range of custom bracelets, designer bracelets and luxury bracelets for women. Our selection covers every occasion and style, from elegant simplicity to the daring and bold. Regardless of your style, you can rest assured: it will be an extraordinary quality bracelet, and a gift you won’t regret.


When your wrist needs some pizzazz, or when you want to truly make an entrance, choose Coffin & Trout special occasion bracelets. These are designed with flair, fashion and form in mind; they’re meant to showcase your best qualities and leave you feeling polished and special.


The piece you turn to when the moment is right; the bracelet you wear when you want to be heard. Coffin & Trout fashion bracelets comprise of a range of designers and styles. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’ll gladly help you make your own.

Special Occasion Bracelets


The bracelet that can withstand a business trip, a luxury meal or a day at the house. Coffin & Trout everyday bracelets deliver subtle elegance, pure sophistication and endless class. Find the one that suits your style today.


Modern Approach

We’ve taken classic style and upgraded it—by leveraging only the latest technologies to produce our beautiful pieces.

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. You’ll notice a consistent, pleasant experience in every interaction.

Integrity First

Coffin & Trout bracelets are made from premium minerals and gemstones, and are backed by our quality guarantee.

We Do It Best

Our clients benefit from decades of experience and deep industry knowledge. The result: true craftsmanship.

A Memorable Gift

Surprise her with a luxury bracelet, or perhaps it’s time to treat yourself. A luxury bracelet will make for a memorable gift and a lifetime of enjoyment.

Wear It Every Day

Don’t place in a dark box; wear your fine luxury bracelet every day if it brings you joy.

A Bracelet To Celebrate

The right bracelet can represent a dream, a goal achieved, or a vision realized. Choose the luxury bracelet that fits your desires.