Designer Cufflinks For Men

Discover men’s designer cufflinks in gold, silver, diamond and more—and for every occasion—at Coffin & Trout. Our cufflinks are designed to showcase individuality and precision craftsmanship. Our in-house experts can also assist you in creating start-to-finish custom cufflink designs.

Designer Fashion Cufflinks


Showcase some personality in your fashion cufflinks. Coffin & Trout can help to guide you in your selection, or you can choose to create a completely custom design. Make your statement using the minerals and gemstones that you feel best fits your personality.

Business Cufflinks


Say something—without saying anything at all. Coffin & Trout business cufflinks exude confidence, expertise and elegance. Make them a part of your daily office attire, or choose to wear a pair for special meetings.

Custom Designer Cufflinks


Design a set of custom cufflinks for weddings and other formal affairs—and treat them as a luxury memory piece. Coffin & Trout is experienced at crafting custom pieces for all occasions.


Modern Craftsmanship

We create cufflinks in any style, but we use only the latest tools to bring our designs to life. This allows us to deliver extraordinary quality and attention to detail.

 Personalized Service

We guarantee that you’ll be pleased with every single interaction you have with a Coffin & Trout expert.

Integrity Matters

We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of your cufflinks, as we stand behind our expertise and our business.

We Do It Right

We approach every client engagement with an eye for detail and sincere pride in the quality of our work.

Prepare for business

Choose the right set of cufflinks that allow you to approach any business meeting with poise and confidence. We offer a range of classic and contemporary styles.

Wedding cufflinks

Choose a pair of special occasion cufflinks, or design a completely custom set, for your business or as a gift to the groom.

Because you need them

Every man should own a pair of refined, luxurious cufflinks. Find the set that you can rely on time and again; the one that will last a lifetime.