Do you prefer pear-shaped, cushion cut, square cut, or princess cut diamonds? When selecting a diamond, you may be drawn to a certain shape more than others. But personal preference is only one reason for the wide variety of diamond shapes. 

Here we take a look at some popular diamond shapes, and how they contribute to the overall look of a diamond. 

What’s the difference between shape and cut?

Shape and cut actually mean two different things when it comes to diamonds. The shape refers to a diamond’s outline or form. 

Cut, on the other hand, refers to how the stone is carved to bring out its natural qualities, and to maximize its fire and brilliance. Every diamond is different, and the number of facets, its symmetry, its proportions, and its shape all contribute to how well it reflects and interacts with light.  

Shape and cut are just two characteristics you should consider when selecting a diamond — color, clarity, and carat are important too, and all contribute to the final look. 

What is “face-up” size? 

This is how large a diamond appears when it is in its setting. It can be a bit of an optical illusion: Some shapes have a larger face-up size than others, meaning they look larger than their carat weight.

What are “fancy” diamond shapes? 

Any shape other than round is considered a fancy diamond shape. Examples include heart-shaped diamonds, marquise diamonds, trillion cut, and asscher cut diamonds, as well as many others. 

Here’s our guide to some of the more popular shapes. 

Round Brilliant Cut

A classic for good reason, this cut makes for stunning, superlative brilliance whether used as a feature stone or as an accent.

Eternity Round Brilliant and Radiant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

The beauty of this 1.80 round brilliant cut diamond is all the more alluring when it’s joined by ten radiant cut diamonds placed in platinum in this engagement ring.

Radiant Cut

Radiant cut diamonds are one of the most brilliant, full of many facets and angles. This cut also has beveled corners, which make it stable in a setting — ideal for those who want to wear their ring just about every hour of every day.

Deco Radiant Cut 3 Stone Platinum Ring

This ring from our Deco Collection features a 2.71ct radiant cut diamond at its center, accented with diamonds of two other cuts: two modified trapezoid diamonds flank the main diamond, and an array of round brilliant cut diamonds are displayed along the platinum band.

Oval Cut

With no pointed edges, this shape is particularly durable, making it a popular choice. Diamonds cut in this shape have most of the brilliance of round diamonds. 

Oval Diamond Halo Style Engagement Ring

A 1.01ct oval diamond features prominently in this engagement ring from our Empress Collection. It’s surrounded by a diamond halo of round brilliant cut diamonds and the platinum band is also dotted with more round diamonds.

Emerald Cut

The emerald shape is the result of a step cut, meaning it’s crafted from larger, planar facets that are like stairs and reflect off each other. 

Interlude Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Bridal Ring

A 3.78ct emerald cut diamond brings an aristocratic air to whoever wears it. This one is set in platinum and accented with 1.97ctw of round brilliant cut diamonds.

Baguette Cut

These long, bar-shaped diamonds are step-cut, and known for their clarity and symmetry. They can be larger in size at a low carat weight. 

Interlace 7 Carat Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

The design of this ring is all about showcasing the 7.07ct radiant cut diamond, but its shine is augmented by the 16 baguette cut diamonds along the center band. Round brilliant cut diamonds set in the platinum band add to the sparkling effect.

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