Know a man who’s out-of-this-world amazing? Make sure he has a unique ring designed with materials you won’t see on anyone else. We’re talking about meteorite. Learn more and see some of our favorite pieces.

What is meteorite?

When featured in jewelry, meteorite combines the allure of an exotic gemstone with the striking sophistication of a rare precious metal. But its backstory makes meteorite more intriguing than just any alternative metal. 

Bits of debris (some as large as boulders) known as meteoroids, move through space, and as these enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they become what we know as meteors. While many of these burn up in their travel, some do survive and eventually make impact with our planetary surface, at which point they’re known as meteorites. 

These surviving fragments of extraterrestrial debris often contain iron and nickel, and have been treasured for centuries by those who discover them. People have been using meteorite in jewelry designs since ancient times, prizing it for both its rarity and its rough natural beauty. Some even believed that meteorite had healing properties, due to the fact that it’s magnetic. 

A unique characteristic of meteorite that makes it so interesting is its natural patterns and markings. These are formed by nickel-iron crystals that develop inside the meteorite and then cool slowly in space. Known as Widmanstätten patterns, they are what make every piece of jewelry so different. We can take a cross-section or slice of the meteorite and treat it to make the natural etching more prominent. 

Here are some of our favorite pieces showcasing meteorite’s captivating characteristics.

Paragon Two-Tone Meteorite Gent’s Ring

This ring shows how well meteorite pairs with other metals. It features two rectangular slabs of meteorite inlay, highlighted by a stripe of 20K rose gold for an exceptional display of contrast. The band is crafted of 14K white gold and would be an especially unique men’s wedding band. 

Deco Spinel and Meteorite Platinum Men’s Ring

It’s not just precious metals that show off the stately elegance of meteorite. In this award-winning design, Gibeon meteorite also makes a great complement to colorful gemstones, like this 5.52ct violet grey spinel flanked by two red spinel stones. Crafted in shiny platinum, the matte meteorite stands out without taking over. 

Yellow Gold and Meteorite Dog Tag

Not just for rings, meteorite can make an appearance in all types of jewelry, including pendants like this one from our Dog Tag Collection. 18K yellow gold in a brushed finish features an offset inlay of meteorite.

Rose Gold Men’s Meteorite Ring

Warm and cool collide to make the meteorite that much more eye-catching in this ring design. Brushed 18K rose gold forms the band and perfectly frames the generous slab of octahedrite siderite meteorite for a truly handsome look.

Evolve Diamond and Meteorite Men’s Ring

Meteorite takes what could have been a more traditional diamond-and-gold band and elevates it to something more out-of-this-world. A round brilliant cut diamond is tucked into a gleaming 14K white gold band set with two stunningly etched meteorite slabs. 

Post Modern Yellow Gold Men’s Meteorite Ring

The crystalline nature of the meteorite becomes almost animated in this mixed metal design, part of our Post Modern Collection. A Spectrum Awards™ winner, this ring brings together silver-toned meteorite set in platinum and an open 18K yellow gold band with platinum posts.

We’re here to help you create the perfect piece of jewelry, for a gift or for yourself. Come see our meteorite wedding bands and other rings featuring this truly out-of-this-world material, or let us create something completely custom. Our showroom is open and ready for you.