Part of the allure of diamonds is that they come in such a variety of shapes, cuts and sizes. But that’s also what makes it so hard to choose that perfect one—especially when selecting a diamond engagement ring. After all, it’s a style choice that should stick with you forever. 

When trying to determine which diamond shape is right for you (or for the lucky wearer), it helps to start with an understanding of the different ones. The shape of a diamond refers to the physical form it takes, such as round, heart, or oval. The cut, on the other hand, refers to the arrangement of the facets, and to the diamond’s proportions, polish and symmetry. It’s the cut that gives a particular diamond its distinctive beauty and determines its brilliance. 

Here, we feature some of our favorite shapes and cuts, all in elegant settings that can only be found at Coffin & Trout.

Round Brilliant Cut

The most favored diamond shape, the Round Brilliant Cut sets the standard for class and timelessness, with 57 perfectly proportioned facets. In our Eternity Round Brilliant and Radiant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring, a 1.80ct Round Brilliant Cut diamond is set in platinum, offset by 10 Radiant Cut diamonds in our signature Paragon ring shape.

Radiant Cut

A Radiant Cut diamond is a square or rectangle shape with 70 total facets and trimmed corners, for a unique cut that matches the light display of a Round Brilliant Cut diamond. Its magnificence is brought into greater focus when matched with other diamond shapes. Our Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring showcases a 3.50ct Radiant Cut diamond ring highlighted by 138 Round Brilliant Cut diamonds.

Oval Brilliant Cut

The Oval Brilliant Cut is the quintessence of fire and brilliance, featuring the same number of facets as a Round Brilliant. The elongated shape makes it a fresh, but always classic, choice. Our Interlace Oval Diamond and Platinum Bridal Ring features a 2.51ct Oval Cut diamond set in platinum, embellished by .84ctw of Round Brilliant Cut diamonds.

Princess Cut

The Princess Cut is the most popular of the fancy shapes, especially for engagement rings. It has a square shape with clean lines, four beveled sides and pointed corners, and is polished with 50 or 58 facets. A 2.54ct Princess Cut diamond is a high-sparkle showstopper, paired with pave diamonds, in our Paragon Platinum and Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

Pear Brilliant Cut

The Pear Brilliant is a hybrid cut, a combination of the round and Marquise (which has an oval shape with pointed ends), for maximum luminosity, and is typically polished with 58 facets. The .79ct pear-shaped diamond is the graceful center of attention in an exquisite setting of 14k white gold and platinum, surrounded by a halo of supporting diamonds.

About Our Paragon Design

Each of these featured rings is handcrafted in our exclusive Paragon design, making our rings different inside and out. This exceptional design provides lasting comfort and a natural ring fit that keeps the ring centered and in place—no spinning on your finger. This shape is also optimal for twisting over knuckles. The best part? The focus is on the beautiful gemstones. Learn more

Interested in finding the best diamond shape, cut and carat weight for you, or your soon-to-be fiancee? Call or stop in and see us.