Platinum is a prized precious metal for jewelry, and particularly so when it comes to bridal sets. One of the purest and rarest metals in the world, platinum has been valued since ancient times for its strength, durability and shine. In fact, platinum is up to 95% pure, compared to 18K gold, which is 75% pure. 

All of this makes it an ideal choice for securing—and showing off—cherished diamonds. Here are a few of our most-loved bridal sets in platinum.

Paragon Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

A milgrain finish (an ornate border of tiny metal beads or dots) and delicate filigree adorn this ring with vintage flair. Atop sits a stunning 2.69ct round brilliant cut diamond, while 66 round brilliant cut diamonds accent this classic piece in our exclusive Paragon shape.

Evolve Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

A milgrain halo surrounds a 1.0ct oval diamond, accentuating the gem’s outstanding clarity and cut. A second halo of round brilliant cut diamonds encircles the first, and a captivatingly curved open-style band is also set with diamonds.

Eternity Round Brilliant and Radiant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

A thick platinum band in our Paragon shape is designed with perfect symmetry to keep the focus on the 1.80 round brilliant cut diamond at its center. Ten radiant cut diamonds, totaling 1.65 carats, bring additional interest and shine.

Platinum Oval Diamond Bridal Ring

There’s no better way than platinum to show off layers upon layers of diamonds. Three platinum bands are channel set with round brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds in a design that showcases a magnificent 3.01 oval diamond.

Split Prong Diamond Wedding Bands

No bridal set is complete without an elegant, complementary wedding band. These gorgeous bands set with diamonds can be customized in a variety of precious metals—platinum included—and with diamonds of different cuts or sizes.

Evolve Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Modern Engagement Ring

This exquisite design features two split bands that come together to clasp the 1.01ct round brilliant cut diamond perched at the top. Shown in 14k white gold, this ring (like all the others we create) can be customized in platinum.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

A radiant cut diamond in the highest quality cut, color and clarity makes a radiant bride-to-be. This alluring ring positively sparkles with a 3.50ct diamond accented by 138 round brilliant cut diamonds, all in handcrafted platinum.

All of our designs at Coffin and Trout can be customized for your bride. Talk to us about finding that perfect diamond in a platinum setting, or creating something just right to symbolize your upcoming marriage. Call or stop in today.