In the hot summer months, many people sip rose wine. Here at Coffin & Trout, we turn our focus to rose gold jewelry, a favorite of ours for women’s fashion—but you’ll find some interesting finds for men, too. While its shimmery, warm tones are perfect for the hot days of summer, the truth is, rose gold jewelry lights up the day any time of year. Here, we’ve shared a few of our favorite pieces with you.

Greek Key Design Band

If you’re looking for a unique yet timeless men’s wedding band, you’ve come to the right place. This band is from our Deco Collection. It features 14-karat white gold and 20-karat rose gold. It offers an optimal balance between weight and handcrafted details. The ring won’t spin on your fingers like many do; it’s easier to wear, follows the natural curve of your fingers and is comfortable. This ring, in particular, is designed to fit over larger knuckles.

Handcrafted in our exclusive Paragon ring shape. Our unique paragon design is a model of perfection that provides lasting comfort and a custom fit that won’t spin around your finger like conventional round rings. Our design is easier to wear, as it follows a more natural curve and is a comfortable width in between your fingers. This design also allows each ring to twist over larger knuckles.

Horizon Princess-Cut Diamond Ring

Give her something as unique as she is. This diamond and rose gold ring is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s crafted with meticulous deal, in 18-karat rose gold and palladium, with 1.47-carats in a princess-cut diamond shape. 18 round brilliant-cut fancy pink diamonds add spark and feminine detail to the band. This is a ring that is sure to stand out from the crowd, for the woman in your life who doesn’t follow trends, but sets them.

Interlace Diamond and Rose Gold Band

This ring comes from our Interlace Collection. It’s a classic diamond band, but with a twist: interlocking lines, just the right amount of sparkle and infinite lines. It features 20-karat rose gold and 40 round Brilliant Cut diamonds. Feminine; eye-catching; incredibly stylish.

Interlace Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Rose Gold Pendant

From our popular Interlace Collection comes this pearl and diamond pendant. It’s made with 20-karat rose gold, and a 9.1-mm round chocolate-colored Tahitian Pearl, and 21 round brilliant cut diamonds. Warmth; intrigue; classic feminine style.

Nautilus Zircon and Diamond Rose Gold Ring

This zircon and diamond fashion ring says sophistication and elegance. It’s crafted with 18-karat rose gold and platinum, with 5.87-carat zircon and 14 round brilliant cut diamonds. It brings a modern flair to a classic concept.

Unison Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Raise the bar on your jewelry collection. This tourmaline bar necklace is crafted with 20-karat rose gold and a 2.41 carat pink tourmaline. It creates a flirty, fun, youthful look, ideal for both dress-up and casual engagements.

Rose Gold Men’s Meteorite Ring

You’ve probably never seen a ring like this before. This men’s band, from our Paragon Collection, features 18-karat rose gold, meteorite set in the center. Thick, heavy lines; strong form; extraordinary design.

Interlace Tourmaline Rose Gold and Platinum Ring

This tourmaline and diamond ring, from our Interlace Collection, is crafted with 18-karat rose gold and platinum, with 7.89-carat red tourmaline. 16 baguette cut diamonds and 68 round brilliant cut diamonds complete the design. The rose gold plays off the sparkle of the red tourmaline to create interest and balance.