Whoever says you must limit your jewelry to just one metal or tone simply doesn’t understand how luxe it is to join multiple precious metals and gems in a single piece.

Combining warm and cool tones in your jewelry is a gorgeous way to create a completely personalized look with a designer effect. Here are a few of our favorite rings that are handcrafted to do just that.


Nautilus Princess Cut Diamond Two-Tone Ring

A stunningly spectacular 2.04ct princess cut diamond is perfectly presented between a wrapped 18k yellow gold band. Platinum set with more diamonds provides the backdrop for this gleaming setting.

Paragon Radiant Cut Diamond Two-Tone Bridal Ring

Icy diamonds flash bright in this setting from our Paragon Collection. A 2.20ct diamond is surrounded by crisp, angular platinum, highlighting its radiant cut. Baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds shine set in stacked 18k yellow gold and platinum bands. 

Orbit Golden Zircon Fashion Ring

When it comes to two-tone jewelry, it’s not just about mixed metals. This ring mixes colorful gems that complement the metal tones. A 14.24ct golden zircon radiates amidst swirling bands of both white and yellow diamonds, all set in platinum and 18k yellow gold.

Nouveau Parti Colored Tourmaline Ring

Fire meets ice in this piece. A blazing 3.53ct parti colored tourmaline flashes copper-to-green, surrounded by a 20k rose gold disc and a ring of diamonds set in platinum. Umba sapphires flow along a wavy platinum band.


Horizon Rose Gold Groove Band

Cool and warm, polished and brushed: This ring elevates the study in contrasts. Cool, brushed 14k white gold is inset with a subtle, but no less striking, strip of warm, polished 20k rose gold.  

Deco Yellow and White Gold Celtic Knot Men’s Wedding Band

Sandblasted 18k yellow gold glows as it weaves in and out of a Celtic Knot-inspired pattern. It’s framed by two shiny 14k white gold bands that offer a mirrored effect. 

Would you like more information about any of these pieces, or can we help you find that perfect two-tone piece for your collection? Call or stop in today.