If you’re on the hunt for a vintage ring, look no further than our collection of vintage-inspired pieces. No matter your bride-to-be’s aesthetic, we have just the thing that she will treasure for years to come.

Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

The delicate, openwork craft of this band, along with the platinum and white stones, are evocative of designs from the Art Deco period, when white jewelry was king. A 3.50ct radiant diamond truly shines in this setting, accompanied by 138 round brilliant cut diamonds.

Paragon Round Brilliant Cut Platinum Engagement Ring

This enduring design calls to mind the Edwardian era, which used classic motifs to highlight a gem’s inherent beauty. This ring is adorned with a touch of filigree and delicate milgrain edging that frames in 66 accent round brilliant diamonds along the platinum band. Capping off the “white on white” look popular during the Edwardian times is the 2.69ct round brilliant cut diamond.

Vintage Round Shaped Diamond Ring

This band would have turned just as many heads in the ‘20s as it will today. A 2.02ct round brilliant cut diamond is set in double a platinum band that exquisitely curls and swoops around the finger, and is accented with 126 round brilliant diamonds.

Evolve Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

A 1.00ct oval diamond ring is at the center of this strikingly symmetrical design, surrounded by two halos: one in a milgrain finish, the other in diamonds. The open curves of the platinum band (also set with diamonds) create a bow-like effect.

Vintage Halo Engagement Ring

During jewelry’s “retro era” of the 1930s to 1950s, designers started to experiment with colored metals, because platinum couldn’t be used for jewelry during wartime. Rose gold became popular, as did floral designs and other feminine motifs, like this floral-inspired ring. The 1.01ct round brilliant cut diamond blooms from its 20k rose gold setting.

Yellow Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Yellow gold was another colored metal that started rising in popularity during the retro period, and it’s been increasingly in demand these days, as well. 18k yellow gold shines in this intricate design that features a .61ct round brilliant cut diamond encircled with 12 round brilliant cut diamonds.

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