Are you a lover of color? Then you’ll love tourmaline. 

What exactly is tourmaline? It’s a mineral that is found in just about every color of the rainbow, from vivid green to violet blue, rich pink to intense yellow-orange. The chemical composition of a particular tourmaline is what gives it its color. For example, manganese gives these gems a red or pink hue, while traces of iron and titanium impart greens and blues. 

Tourmaline also happens to be one of the birthstones for October and is the eighth wedding anniversary gem. 

Here are some of our top jewelry designs that highlight the spectrum of spectacular tourmalines.

Greens & Blues

Deco Asscher Cut Green Tourmaline and Diamond Green Gold and Platinum Ring

This tourmaline ring props up an impressive emerald green tourmaline in an asscher cut, which shows off the depth of its dazzling color. The 8.16ct gem is hugged into place by 18k green gold, and offset by a center platinum band set with round brilliant cut diamonds.

Deco Blue Green Tourmaline and Diamond Green Gold and Platinum Ring

18k green gold is an ideal complement to the blue-green hue of this cushion cut tourmaline. The 5.92ct stone is accented with an ombre display of tourmalines—from dark blue green to lighter green—along a center band studded with green gold. Genteel platinum and round brilliant cut diamonds provide support without distracting from the gem at the center.

Deco Green Tourmaline and Diamond Gold and Platinum Ring

This sumptuous ring design from Randy Coffin showcases a bright green 6.61 oval tourmaline secured by 18k green gold. A platinum band takes an open geometric shape, and frames .68ctw of round brilliant cut diamonds.

Pinks and Reds

Interlace Pink to White Tourmaline Rose Gold Platinum Ring

18k rose gold is a natural choice to highlight the candy-colored 4.49ct pink and white tourmaline in an emerald cut. This highly unique ring features three connected bands of platinum and rose gold. The center band melds the two precious metals together, while top and bottom punctuate the sweet theme with pink sapphires and diamonds.

Flora Gemstone and Diamond Rose Gold Ring

As the name implies, this design blooms with delightful color, from the bright gems to the mix of 18k rose, white, and green gold. A 4.56ct round mixed cut peach tourmaline is encircled with an 18k rose gold band, and is accented with alternating light yellow and pink garnets. The cheerful design is completed with round brilliant cut diamonds.

Flora Watermelon Tourmaline Fashion Ring

This ring shows off one of the most intriguing types of tourmaline: a watermelon tourmaline, so called because it shifts from deep green at one end of the crystal to vivid red at the other. The three interlocking bands, set with round brilliant cut diamonds, take on the color shift, as well, from 18k green gold to 18k rose gold.

Add some color to your collection with one of our tourmaline jewelry pieces. Have a favorite color? We can customize a piece just for you. Call or stop in to Coffin & Trout Fine Jewellers today.