Back in 2013, Randy Coffin discovered an astonishingly rare find at the Tucson Gem Show: a stunning 18.21 ct. tricolor topaz stone. Knowing that less than 30 of these gems are known to exist around the world—and seeing the remarkable quality of this one—Randy immediately acquired it.

Custom Jewelry Design


Randy eventually sold the gem to Somewhere in the Rainbow, a boutique collection of modern jewelry design based in Arizona, specializing in color gems, rare gems, and museum-quality work.

A custom jewelry design piece featuring the tri-color Topaz

Somewhere in the Rainbow then commissioned Randy and the Coffin & Trout team to create a custom jewelry design that would appropriately highlight the topaz and its rarity and beauty. The stone has a natural tapered shape. The unique shape has a sophisticated allure and allows for light to sparkle and dance across the stone. Randy immediately envisioned a bracelet for his design.

While Randy loves working with colored gems, he’s drawn to the design possibilities offered by bicolor and tricolor gemstones. Not only are they gorgeous, designing with them presents a unique challenge: how to find the perfect smaller accent stones that will work within the flow of the piece while highlighting its colors?

A one-of-a-kind jewelry design

The result of Randy’s imagination and expertise: a sexy bracelet with interlocking curved lines. The center of the piece, of course, is the custom-cut, tri-color topaz. Complementing the topaz’s warm tones are Umba Saphhires, sourced from Umba River Valley in Tanzania, and round brilliant-cut diamonds. The stones were set in a combination of 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold and 20k rose gold.

Creating a custom jewelry design takes countless drafts, rounds of trial and error and superior craftsmanship. The work took nearly 80 hours and three bench jewelers to complete. The finished jewelry design was nominated for the 2018 AGTA Spectrum Award.

Custom jewelry designs within reach

Jewelry is meant to be personal and timeless. Coffin & Trout offers numerous finished pieces, but know that you can also have jewelry custom-made to your tastes. We work with you to select appropriate stones and design a piece that matches your desires. This process can take three to six weeks, varying on the complexity of the design.

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