This one of a kind bracelet from our Affinity collection of custom design bracelets features 26 square radiant cut multi-color Spinel totaling 22.19 carats. The Spinel is intertwined with 59 round brilliant cut Diamonds which total 1.17 carats. This bracelet is handcrafted in 14K White Gold, 20K Rose Gold, and Platinum. It was designed by Randy Coffin and took an astounding 48.5 hours to design.

“It was quite the challenge obtaining such a large suite of natural Spinel that are all matching in cut and also fade from dark to light. We hand selected each Spinel to create the fade from dark to light in both the violet blues and pink to red colors resulting in the stunning piece you see here” – Randy Coffin.


Like the Garnet and Diamond, Spinel is singly refractive with all the same physical properties in all crystal directions. Spinel comes in a range of colors from shades of orange to intense “stoplight” red, various shades of pink, and all shades of blue, purple and violet. Chromium is responsible for creating the intense reds and pinks. The higher chromium, the stronger the shade of red. A mixture of iron and chromium creates orange and purple Spinel. Trace amounts of iron can create violet to blue Spinel and cobalt is responsible for vibrant blue.

Spinel are historically under appreciated and confused with other better known stones like the Sapphire and Ruby. In ancient times, the mines in Asia produced exceptionally large Spinel. These fine stones soon became property of emperors and kings and were known as the Balas Rubies when they are actually Spinel. The most famous example of this is the Black Prince’s Ruby It was acquired by Edward, Prince of Wales in 1367. This deep red Spinel is set in England’s Imperial State Crown and is on display in the Tower of London.

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