It is one of the most prevalent and important gem minerals and yet is often unknown to the jewelry buying public. Maybe you know it by another name, Aquamarine, Emerald or Morganite. It may come as a surprise to some that Aquamarine and Emerald are siblings, so to speak. They are both a variety of the mineral Beryl, which also includes Morganite, Heliodor, Bixbite, and Goshenite.

Beryl jewelry is available in a range of colors from the pale ocean blue of Aquamarine, spring pastels of pink green and yellow, to the distinct soothing bluish Green of Emerald. We will focus on the pastel varieties for this discussion. Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin ‘aqua’ (water) and ‘mare’ (sea). Quite a fitting description and hence it has been considered a lucky talisman by sailors for centuries. But ladies, do not despair, according to the old traditions Aquamarine promises a happy marriage for the woman who wears it and is said to bring joy and wealth into the union. From a pale, almost indiscernible blue to a deep-sea blue, iron is the trace element that colors this incredible gem.

The famous gem collector J. P. Morgan will forever have his place in gem history by having a pale pink beryl named in his honor, Morganite. The most popular of the lesser-known beryls, it has a similar intensity to aquamarine ranging from pale baby pink to peach or lavender. First discovered in California, it is also found in Brazil, Africa, and Russia.
To be named after the Greek words for sun (Helios) and gift (Doron) sets quite the expectation. But Heliodor, a lively sunny yellow color gem, lives up to the reputation. It is most often found in a relatively flawless condition, which only enhances the light dancing within this gem. The rarest of gems used in beryl jewelry is Bixbite or Red Beryl as it is only found in the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. Unfortunately, most of the gems are less than one carat in size and heavily included (with imperfections).

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