Our Color Combo Collection features a truly unique Platinum, Cuprian Tourmaline, and Diamond ring.  The 2.66 carat trillion cut Blue Tourmaline and the 1.61 carat trillion cut Purple Tourmaline are accented by 58 round brilliant cut colorless Diamonds.  What makes this ring unique is that it features the same type of gem in both its un-heated and heated form.  The Purple Tourmaline is un-heated whereas the Blue Tourmaline has been heated.  Heating the Blue Tourmaline is a permanent treatment which is commonly used to enhance the color of gemstones such as Corundum (Sapphire and Ruby) and Zoisite (Tanzanite).

The Tourmalines in this ring were cut by the award-winning gem cutter Stephen Avery who specializes in the trillion cut. Mr. Avery has created some of the most beautiful stones available and has had the honor of being awarded several American Gem Trade Associate Cutting Edge Awards.

Tourmalines are part of a complex borosilicate family.  Both of the Tourmalines in this ring are called Cuprian Tourmalines and they were sourced from the country of Mozambique.  Cuprian Tourmaline is a variety of Tourmaline that has Copper as its trace element.  This element of copper is responsible for the color.  Many people are familiar with the highly sought Paraiba Tourmaline which is a vivid blue, green or purple-to-violet copper bearing Tourmaline from the state of Brazil.  Interestingly, while all Paraiba Tourmalines are Cuprian Tourmalines, not all Cuprian Tourmalines are Paraiba Tourmalines.  Paraiba references a specific location (Brazil) and, initially, only one mine was believed to exist so all Tourmalines with the vivid color were named Paraiba.  However, in the mid 1990’s, mines were discovered in Africa which produced Tourmalines which closely resembled the ones found in Brazil.  Hence the term “Cuprian” meaning copper-bearing was created to differentiate these gems.

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