If there is any item that should be completely personalized and as individual as you (or the lucky recipient), it’s jewelry. As award-winning jewelry designers, we want to help you bring your custom fine jewelry dreams to life, from initial concept to finished piece.

Here are five things we believe about creating custom jewelry for our clients at Coffin & Trout Fine Jewellers.

#1 Custom jewelry is all about you.

There are significant moments and milestones in your life and relationships that you may want to mark with something special and lasting, like fine jewelry. When you work with a jewelry designer, our focus is entirely on you. We’re not here to show you what we can do; we’re here to create something uniquely for you.

We’ll ask all the important questions, and make sure that what we create will be reflective of the wearer:  Where and when do you intend to wear the jewelry? Or is the jewelry a gift? What is the occasion and why does it mean so much to you?  We also design with heirloom quality in mind, so not only will the finished piece resonate today, it will also endure as a family heirloom, to represent your love and legacy. 


#2 Jewelry is art & science in the hands of a designer.

The jewelry we design comes from a place of craftsmanship that brings together an abundance of skills and knowledge. Our designers have completed rigorous training, and we care about being on the cutting edge of production and design with the technologies we use. 

At the same time, we regard jewelry as an art form, and we have both the aesthetic and technical expertise required to bring a piece to life that will stand out and stand the test of time.

#3 You can have any type of jewelry custom designed.

Many people think about custom engagement rings when they think about having a custom piece of jewelry made. But if you can dream it, we can handcraft it. 

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks — all can be created using your choice of precious metals and a wide variety of gemstones. We’re here to guide you through the process and your options, from the initial idea phase, to visualizing your design, all the way to your beautiful completed piece of custom jewelry. We can even design around an heirloom gemstone or diamond you have inherited. 

#4 Custom should mean completely designed and fabricated in-house. 

Believe it or not, many jewelers claiming to offer custom jewelry are actually ordering from a mass producer. They may give you some options (yellow or white gold? marquise or pear-shaped diamond?), but that isn’t quite the same thing as having a piece entirely custom created. 

Tucked in our showroom is our studio, where we handcraft every single piece of jewelry we build. We start by working closely with you on the actual design, showing you finished pieces and various design elements as examples, as well as asking you to show us images of things you like. Again, it’s all about you (and the wearer) and once we decide on a design together, our CAD (computer aided design) artists get to work. From there it’s about a four- to six-week process. 

#5 You should be able to see the process.

You might think about a jewelry showroom and picture cases of diamond engagement rings and other jewelry. But beyond the display of finished pieces, there is no reason you shouldn’t have a window into the entire process of crafting a piece of jewelry from start to finish. 

We love to give our clients tours of what goes on in our studio, where their designs are mocked up in CAD, 3D renderings are printed, metal is finished, and gemstones are set. Get a peek in this video

Would you like to learn more about our award-winning, custom jewelry design process? We’re here to exceed your expectations and create pieces of fine jewelry that perfectly reflect you. Visit us today to learn more.