What is April’s birthstone?  Well, for the April-born, diamonds are a girl’s (or a boy’s) best friend. That’s because diamonds are April’s birthstone. Beyond being perfect for jewelry, diamonds are in demand because they are the earth’s hardest substance. Only a diamond can scratch another diamond. They are made entirely of carbon, forged at the center of the earth by high pressure and temperatures.

Diamonds come in many colors. There are yellow, red, pink, blue, and green diamonds; just to name a few. The tints can be faint or intense. Some lab-grown diamonds introduce strong color choices; these are known as color-treated diamonds. When cut properly, the faces of the diamond reflect more luster than any other gem which makes it perfect for jewelry. While it is the gem of choice for brides, diamonds are perfect for everyday use as well. If you are celebrating an April birthday, here are  five diamonds you might consider — all available here at Coffin and Trout.



Deco 167-R23

The Deco 167-R23 is the perfect wedding ring for a bride with an April birthday. It has a 2.71ct. Radiant cut diamond which are accented by Modified Trapezoid and Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. Rings in this collection only use the highest quality cut, color, and clarity. We use only colorless Diamonds in the D-F color range that are VS clarity or higher and have excellent to ideal cutting.


Interlace 142-R49

Another ring for an April born bride is the Interlace 142-R49 from the Interlace Collection. It features a 2.51ct Oval Diamond handcrafted in Platinum and accented with 0.84ctw of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. 


Paragon 122-B50

If you are buying a present for the man in your life who was born in April, consider the Paragon 122-B50. This ring features Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds set in 14k White Gold. The paragon design provides lasting comfort and a custom fit that won’t spin around your finger like conventional round rings.


Affinity 169-P02

Consider a diamond necklace for your April birthday girl. This is the AFFINITY 169-P02. It is a diamond necklace that features Round Brilliant cut Diamonds set in 14K white gold.


Affinity 169-E02

Diamond earrings are always the perfect gift. Diamond earrings can be worn any time of day. Lend a special pizzaz to your day.The AFFINITY 169-E02 are 14k White Gold Fashion Earrings accented with Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.