There are a range of diamond cuts, each one with the purpose of stoking a particular stone’s fire and brilliance. But one diamond cut has stood the test of time: The round brilliant cut diamond. In a round shape, the round brilliant cut diamond is easily the world’s most popular. 

This traditional diamond shape (round) and cut (brilliant) are what many people think of when they think of diamonds. But what exactly do these adjectives mean for you, the diamond buyer and wearer? 

First of all, a brilliant cut diamond is one of the flashiest diamonds around in terms of light, thanks to the 58 facets created by expert diamond cutters. 

This cut is also extremely versatile, fitting beautifully in a variety of settings, whether it’s positioned front and center or as an accent. A round brilliant cut is not only great for the wearer who wants to show off more than a little sparkle, it’s also perfect for those who enjoy an elegant style. 

With that, here are a few of our top designs featuring this stunning diamond cut.

Interlude 3-Stone Diamond Platinum Ring

Is one diamond ever enough? Whoever thinks so certainly hasn’t seen this ring. A 1ct round brilliant cut center diamond shines extra brightly, flanked by two side diamonds. A graceful platinum band is accented with more diamonds to complete the set.

Vintage Halo Engagement Ring

This delicate design from our Empress Collection blooms with a 1.01ct round brilliant diamond, surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds in an intricate shape and trimmed with leafy embellishments, all in 20k rose gold.

Paragon Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

The milgrain finish and curved platinum details on a platinum band help to highlight the reason this diamond cut is such a classic. This ring from our Paragon Collection features a 2.69ct diamond, along with 66 round brilliant cut accent diamonds.

Eternity Round Brilliant and Radiant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

This ring is a dazzling example of the classy and timeless nature of this popular diamond shape. A 1.80ct round brilliant cut diamond is set in platinum, offset by 10 radiant cut diamonds in our signature Paragon ring shape.

Paragon Platinum & Round Diamond Engagement Ring

This sophisticated design emphasizes the exquisite flash and brilliance of the 2.03ct diamond at the very center. Set in platinum, this diamond of the highest quality and cut grade is accentuated with pave diamonds along the band.

Round Diamond Halo Style Engagement Ring

The splendid simplicity of this ring is what makes it such a standout. From our Empress Collection, it features a 0.76ct round brilliant cut diamond accented with a diamond halo, all handcrafted in 14k white gold and platinum.

Evolve Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

Alluring and luxurious, this incredible 4.20ct round brilliant cut diamond is surrounded by distinctive details in an award-winning ring design: white diamonds, fancy pink diamonds, a touch of rose gold, and platinum curves.

All About Our Paragon Design

Each of these featured rings is handcrafted in our exclusive Paragon design, making our rings different inside and out. It’s a unique design that provides lasting comfort and a natural ring fit, keeping the ring centered and in place—no spinning on your finger. This shape is also optimal for twisting over knuckles.

Interested in finding a uniquely designed round brilliant cut diamond ring for you or your soon-to-be fiancée? Call or stop in and see us.