This luxury pearl necklace was designed with 41.62ctw Multicolored Garnets accented by Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds set in Palladium and 18K Yellow Gold. It was designed by master jeweler Randy Coffin. This stunning luxury pearl necklace from our Masterpiece Collection was inspired by the raw materials it is composed of. “Like most of the pieces that I design it just kind of comes to me when I am spending time viewing the components that I am working with.” – Randy Coffin


Luxury Pearl Necklace

This masterpiece displays Cultured South Sea, Tahitian, and White South Sea Pearls. South Sea pearls are the rarest of pearls and simply spectacular with a unique satiny luster, as well as an array of colors considered more unusual in other types of pearls and are typically white, silver and golden. Cultivated in the white-lipped oyster, larger than the oysters used to produce Akoyas and Freshwater pearls, the size of pearl they produce is considerably larger, reaching sizes as large as 15mm.

White-lipped oysters are rare, sensitive and difficult to cultivate, making the pearls they produce more expensive and highly desirable.

Enchanting and mysterious, Tahitian pearls are unique unto themselves due to their natural dark colors: metallic silver, to the color of graphite. Within this range of colors, they can have bluish, purplish, or greenish overtones.

Found in the waters off of the islands of French Polynesia, the natural black color of Tahitian pearls comes from the color of the oyster’s black lips. They are much larger than average oysters and are extremely sensitive to the cultivation process. This makes the large pearls they produce extremely valuable and sought after.

The necklace is unique in that the center pearl is set on a threaded post, so it is can be changed depending on your wardrobe with your choice of the three types of pearls – Tahitian Black, Golden South Sea or one White South Sea Pearl.

The pearls range in size from 13.5mm to 9.7mm diameter.



The term ‘garnet’ refers to a group of more than ten different gemstones of a similar chemical composition. It is true to say that red is the colour most often encountered, but the garnet also exists in various shades of green, a tender to intense yellow, a fiery orange and some fine earth-coloured nuances.

Garnets are much sought-after and much worked gemstones – the more so because today it is not only the classical gemstone colours red and green which are so highly esteemed but also the fine hues in between.

These round Garnets are Dark Honey, Honey, Rose, and Green in color and measure 5.5mm – 4.0mm in diameter. 91 garnets = 41.62ct total weight. These Garnets are unique in both their colors and the fact that they are totally natural and untreated.

Diamonds, Gold, and Palladium

The round brilliant cut diamonds are bead set in the pearl caps and measure from 1.7mm – 1.0mm diameter, D-F in color and VS in clarity. 323 diamonds = 2.80ct. total weight. multi-colored Garnets and Diamonds. Each of the pearl caps are set in Palladium and 18K yellow gold.

This pendant is part of our Masterpiece Collection, which are generally one-of-a-kind designs or one of a kind gemstone/suites of gemstones.

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