Masterpiece Collection – 25.78ctw Grossularite Garnet and Aquamarine accented with 5.78ctw Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds set in Palladium and 14k White Gold

Designed by master jeweler Randy Coffin, this stunning necklace from our Masterpiece Collection took 141 hours to create and features a total of 312 gemstones. Mr. Coffin did not have a specific design in mind when these stones were purchased; rather, he let the gems speak for themselves and created a design that best showcased their beauty.

“The inspiration for this piece came from working with the stones and listening to the story they wanted to tell” – Randy Coffin

In the process of making the necklace, R&D was done by casting different pieces in sterling silver to make sure that the pieces were going to work together correctly. This also gave the ability to produce molds which gave better castings.

The necklace was cast in over 75 separate pieces of metal that had to be assembled by the jeweler. This was done so that each piece could be cleaned and polished properly and also be able to move independently from the pieces next to it. This ensures that the necklace will have movement and lay properly on the neck.

This beautiful piece features mint green Grossularite Garnets.  The name ‘grossular’ is derived from the botanical name for the gooseberry, ‘grossularia’ and references the green garnet found in Siberia.  While not extremely rare stones themselves, the uniformity of size, shape and color truly make them special.  This necklace includes 38 Grossularite Garnets which measure 4.5mm for a total carat weight of 14.33.


Mr. Coffin chose Aquamarines to accompany the Grossularite Garnets for a stunning contrast.  The aquamarines chosen are a unique suite of gemstones as their size and color match perfectly.  Aquamarines range in color from the lightest blue of the sky to the deepest blue of the ocean.  Aquamarine is very hard and has a beautiful glass-like luster.  The name ‘aquamarine’ comes from an ancient Latin expression meaning seawater.  This necklace contains 39 aquamarines with a total weight of 11.45 carats. 

Diamonds and Palladium
Diamonds of uniform color and size were used to complete the masterpiece.  The round brilliant cut diamonds measure 1.8mm and have a total weight of 5.78 carats.  The necklace is made mainly of Palladium and some 14K white gold. Palladium was chosen because it is a lightweight precious metal which will enable more comfort for the wearer and ensure the necklace lays properly on the neck.

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