New gift ideas fresh out of the shop, and just in time for the holidays! Allow us to help make this holiday season special with the gift of a handcrafted piece of jewelry.

Evolve Faceted Tahitian Pearl Ring

From our Evolve collection, this unique asymmetrical ring features a faceted Tahitian Pearl. Accenting the pearl are color-change Garnets and colorless round brilliant cut Diamonds set in Platinum. Found in the waters off of the islands of French Polynesia, the natural black color of Tahitian pearls comes from the color of the oyster’s black lips. They are much larger than average oysters and are extremely sensitive to the cultivation process. This makes the large pearls they produce extremely valuable and sought after.


Interlace Diamond Bands

From the Interlace collection, these Diamond bands feature colorless round brilliant cut Diamonds set in either 20K rose gold or 14K white gold.


Affinity Diamond Bracelet

From the Affinity collection, this 14K white gold bracelet features over one-hundred colorless round brilliant cut Diamonds set in three overlapping rows. A matching ring and earrings are also available. All our white gold pieces are cast with a specific alloy that is naturally brighter and whiter. It has a Grade 1 Color Rating based on the Yellowness Index from the White Gold Task Force. This rating means that it maintains its premium color without the need for rhodium plating.


Affinity Diamond Earrings

From the Affinity collection, these 14K white gold earrings feature round brilliant cut Diamonds. All of the Diamonds are of the highest quality cut, color, and clarity. The Diamonds are colorless in the D-F color range, VS clarity or higher and have excellent to ideal cutting. A matching ring and bracelet are also available.