If you love the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond but need a little color in your life, then you should consider Natural Fancy Color Diamonds. By flukes of nature, some very rare diamonds are born the color of the rainbow. Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds occur in a variety of hues and saturation, including yellow, blue, green, and red.

Eureka is the name of the diamond that kicked off the South African Diamond rush of 1868. It is was a Fancy Yellow 21 carat rough diamond that was later cut into a stunning 10.73ct oval cushion cut shape. Yellow Diamonds are some of the most popular Fancy Color Diamonds. These natural fancy color diamonds contain trace amounts of nitrogen as the source of the yellow color. Natural Yellow diamonds can range in color from light straw yellow to vivid canary yellow and fortunately, these diamonds do not need to be vivid to be beautiful. Medium yellows can be very pleasing especially in the fancy shapes like radiant and oval cuts.

In the early 1980s, Australia introduced the world to an intense pink color not previously seen in diamonds. Pink Diamonds with colors reminiscent of raspberries and red grapes quickly became must-haves for connoisseurs and collectors alike. Although pink diamonds have been around for decades, there has been a recent surge in popularity thanks to many high profile celebrities. The pink color is attributed to grain lines or strain in the crystal structure of the diamond itself. This presents difficulties when cutting the rough diamond because to achieve the best pink color you typically lose the most amount of rough weight. The rarity of a natural Fancy Pink Diamond, especially over one carat in weight, makes this a truly magnificent gem.

Feeling faint after seeing the price tag for that 5.00ct Fancy Pink Radiant cut? Go big with a Yellow Diamond or try using pinks as accents in rose gold. We have a wonderful selection of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds in many of our unique Coffin & Trout designs.

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