Tsavorite Garnet is found in the hills of Kenya and Tanzania. This glittering green gem stands out in stark contrast to the arid grasslands and barren hills. Tsavorite, along with the rest of the color varieties in the Garnet family, is the January birthstone and symbolizes peace, prosperity, and good health.

The discovery of a new brilliant green garnet has taken a long and difficult road. Originally found in Tanzania by British geologist Campbell Bridges, the gems were located inside potato shaped nodules of rock. Unfortunately, the political climate in Tanzania was not inclined to allow any exporting of the newly discovered garnet, but the British geologist would not be deterred. He understood that the ancient rock belt that held the treasure was once actually under the sea. Through tremendous pressure and force, the original rocks had been transformed into the hills and mountains of the African continent as it compressed and folded. With this knowledge, Bridges followed the trail into Kenya where he was able to unearth this brilliant green gemstone for the second time. It was in Kenya, overlooking Tsavo National Park (the Tsavorite Garnet namesake), that Bridges was able to have this gem officially registered and began exploration.

This was merely the beginning of a backbreaking journey. Miners had numerous worries beyond claim jumpers, as this is the habitat of snakes and marauding lions on the lookout for their next meal. Tsavorite is typically found in small grains and fragments, as a result of nature’s force in moving mountains, so mining production was slow. Finally, in 1973, enough rough gem material had been recovered and the world was introduced to Tsavorite Garnet.

Tsavorite Garnet is one of the many varieties of the Garnet family which all display amazing brilliance. It is a beautiful example of unadulterated Nature set in Coffin and Trout’s original and exquisite works of art.

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