The modern man will put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect engagement ring for his fiancee but might be unsure about choosing his own wedding ring. For some men, this may be the only jewelry they wear so they definitely want it to reflect their personal style. Add to this the fact that he will be wearing this ring the rest of his life, he wants to make sure he loves it just as much as she loves her engagement ring. Because he has discriminating taste, we recommend designer wedding rings for the modern man.

Below we have selected five of our favorite designer wedding rings that are the perfect symbol of the love you share. From unique to more traditional, our bands are timeless and all handcrafted in our exclusive Paragon ring shape. Our unique paragon design is a model of perfection that provides lasting comfort and a custom fit that won’t spin around your finger like conventional round rings. Our design is easier to wear, as it follows a more natural curve and is a comfortable width in between your fingers. This design also allows each ring to twist over larger knuckles.

Deco Collection – 14k White Gold and 20k Rose Gold band with sandblasted Greek Key design.

Paragon Collection – 14k White Gold band set with Black Diamonds.

Paragon Collection – Princess Cut Diamonds set in 18K White Gold.

Deco Collection – 4.24ct Violet Grey Spinel set in Platinum accented with Natural Fancy Intense Greyish Bluish Violet Diamonds.

Deco Collection – Octahedrite Siderite Meteorite set in 14k White Gold.