Tourmaline, which is an October birthstone, is becoming an increasingly popular colored gemstone. While the bold red Rubellite and the blue/green Indicolite Tourmalines are favored and beloved, neither of them compare to the highly coveted, nearly neon in color Paraiba Tourmaline.  Discovered in the 1980’s in the northeastern state of Brazil called Paraiba by two nomadic miners, Heitor Dimas Barbosa and Jose Pereira, Paraiba Tourmaline gems are immediately recognizable by their electric like blue/green glow. Paraiba Tourmaline gems are notoriously difficult to excavate and are mined by hand so that the crystals within the stone are not damaged.  Found in pencil-thin veins deep below the surface, Paraiba’s are rare in general, but especially rare in sizes over one carat. The best Paraiba Tourmaline gems command considerably higher prices than any other variety of Tourmaline because of their gorgeous hues, more intense color saturation and greater rarity.

Since its discovery, the strikingly electric blues and greens of Paraiba Tourmaline gems have excited the gem world.  These gems are found in a range of bluish green, greenish blue, green, blue and violet colors.  Although all of these colors are in high demand, it’s the blue and violet colors that are most coveted.  They get their vivid color from high concentrations of copper and trace amounts of manganese.  Paraiba gems are unique because although copper changes the color of other stones – notably turquoise – it’s not a coloring factor in any other tourmaline. The stones are almost always custom cut and size takes a back seat to color when choosing a Paraiba Tourmaline.

Our Designs

At Coffin & Trout, we have several Paraiba Tourmaline designs available in store. Our Interlace ring is a 7.76 carat oval cabochon cut Paraiba Tourmaline set in 18K yellow gold. Accenting the Tourmaline are six round brilliant cut Fancy Yellow Diamonds set in yellow gold bezels and fifty round brilliant cut colorless diamonds bead set down the platinum shank.


Our next ring is from the Interlude Collection and features a 1.00 carat baguette cut Paraiba Tourmaline set in platinum and accented by fifty-six round brilliant cut Fancy Yellow Diamonds set in 18K yellow gold and platinum.


Finally, our Evolve ring is a gorgeous 1.86 carat cushion cut Paraiba Tourmaline set in a platinum head and accented by forty round brilliant cut Fancy Yellow Diamonds set in 18K green gold.


To learn more about Paraiba Tourmaline or to see them in person please contact us today!