Jewelry Design: The Temptress – Gorgeous, Rare and Museum-Quality


Back in 2013, Randy Coffin discovered an astonishingly rare find at the Tucson Gem Show: a stunning 18.21 ct. tricolor topaz stone. Knowing that less than 30 of these gems are known to exist around the world—and seeing the remarkable quality of this one—Randy immediately acquired it. Randy eventually sold the gem to [...]

The Tourmaline Ring: See Our Five Favorites


What gemstone comes in almost every color imaginable and becomes electrically charged when under pressure? Tourmaline, of course! This unique group of gems consisting of four different varieties is collectively known as Tourmaline. The most common gemstone variety is called Elbaite, which produces most of the colors we are familiar with [...]

Alexandrite – Magic for Custom Gemstone Jewelry Collections


Alexandrite is one of the world’s most rare and precious gems. Few people have ever seen or experienced the amazing color change phenomenon of Alexandrite. That's what makes it an excellent choice for your custom gemstone jewelry collection.Alexandrite belongs to the chrysoberyl family of gems, which also includes cat’s eye chrysoberyl, a [...]

Beryl Jewelry: Aquamarine and Emeralds are All in the Family


It is one of the most prevalent and important gem minerals and yet is often unknown to the jewelry buying public. Maybe you know it by another name, Aquamarine, Emerald or Morganite. It may come as a surprise to some that Aquamarine and Emerald are siblings, so to speak. They are [...]

Amethyst Jewelry and the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst Mine


Some Amethyst jewelry begins its journey to you with a helicopter ride. Found in the rugged terrain of the Tonto National Forest, a small privately owned mine, produces some of the world’s finest amethyst. Four Peaks Mine was first discovered by the Spanish in the 18th century and has had many [...]

Tsavorite Garnet Requires Braving Poisonous Snakes and Marauding Lions


Tsavorite Garnet is found in the hills of Kenya and Tanzania. This glittering green gem stands out in stark contrast to the arid grasslands and barren hills. Tsavorite, along with the rest of the color varieties in the Garnet family, is the January birthstone and symbolizes peace, prosperity, and good health. [...]

October Birthstone: Paraiba Tourmaline


Tourmaline, which is an October birthstone, is becoming an increasingly popular colored gemstone. While the bold red Rubellite and the blue/green Indicolite Tourmalines are favored and beloved, neither of them compare to the highly coveted, nearly neon in color Paraiba Tourmaline.  Discovered in the 1980's in the northeastern state of Brazil called [...]

Cuprian Tourmaline – Heated vs. Non-Heated


Our Color Combo Collection features a truly unique Platinum, Cuprian Tourmaline, and Diamond ring.  The 2.66 carat trillion cut Blue Tourmaline and the 1.61 carat trillion cut Purple Tourmaline are accented by 58 round brilliant cut colorless Diamonds.  What makes this ring unique is that it features the same type of gem in [...]

Cameo Jewelry Fit for a Queen


This beautiful cameo jewelry pendant from our Deco Collection features a hand-carved Green Agate Cameo and a 7.63-carat Tourmaline Briolette.  Sixty-four round brilliant cut Diamonds accent the cameo totaling 0.57 carats.  Randy Coffin designed the pendant. It features a Rosalie cameo which was hand carved by the German sculpting master, Andreas [...]